MiniGolf Island

MiniGolf Island brings the mini golf experience to your fingertips.
Beautiful 3D graphics, lots of holes and easy controls means hours of fun!!

All courses are playable online – Challenge your friends or any other player around the world and
see who just might be the better putter!

How many hole-in-ones, birdies, or eagles can you get?
Test your mini golf skills in the par challenge!

Each time you win a multiplayer game you’ll be one step closer to glory and fame!
Always keep track on how well you’re doing compared to the rest of the world.

- Online multiplayer mode
- Aim, shoot and score your way through tons of holes on two different islands.
- Drag & Release gameplay.
- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Unlock 5 different characters
- Online leaderboards
- 10 challenging achievements
- Realistic mini golf physics
- Hours of fun!

6 thoughts on “MiniGolf Island

  1. How do I get to the second set of islands, Snow Islands.? I’ve repeated the 5th Islands course about 20 times and am 7 under par. I can’t find your game rules anywhere!

    • Hi Rob,
      It’s the total score that counts (from every level). Check if you’ve got a low score on some of them and nail ‘em :)
      (max 5 points per level).

      • I have 4 points on 3 coarses and 5 on the other two. I’ve even played the other golfers yet I’m STILL on the last coarse and cannot advance to Snow Island. I’m sure I’m not doing something right but can’t figure out why I can’t advance. BTW this is an awesomely fun and challenging game.

        • So the levels in Snowy Island are still gray? There should be some white text on each of them telling you how many points you need to aquire before they’re unlocked. Yet it sounds like you’ve got more than enough points to advance to the snowy courses.
          If you haven’t figured it out, they’re not on the same page as Main Island. Tap the red arrow in the top right corner.
          And thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Yes they are gray. The arrow is in the left upper corner and takes me back to the main island. I’m playing it on my iPhone 5. Maybe it can’t be played on one in its entirety? I’m dying to get to that level.

    • Please take a screenshot of the Main Island and Snowy Island page, and send it to support [at]

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